are Tafel-Tattoos?

First, you may want to know what the word tafel stands for? Tafel is the German equivalent of blackboard. Who doesn’t remember temporary tattoos? You know, the ones you would stick to your skin, back at the time when you were little. These are now also available as blackboard-tattoos, ready to be applied directly to your menu boards. Get the real chalk-look on your display boards in large quantities with customised Tafel-Tattoos.

Branding without Tafel-Tattoo
Branding with Tafel-Tattoo
Branding ohne Tafel-Tattoo
Branding mit Tafel-Tattoo

For whom?

Tafel-Tattoos are ideal for drink manufacturers and point-of-sale marketing. Advertise your products or start a lottery directly at your venue. Put up a display board and grab the attention of potential customers.


The chalk-style-drawing look is selling like hot cakes! Tafel-Tattoos make it possible to put a continuous design on your blackboard – at any place by any artist.

do Tafel-Tattos work?

The only thing you need is water and a sponge to apply and remove your blackboard-tattoos. The following technique shows you how to place and wipe off your point-of-sale advertising message. No more than five simple steps are necessary to do so.

So funktionieren Tafel Tattoos Folie abziehen


Remove protective foil from the front page


Press your temporary Tafel-Tattoo on the blackboard

temporäre Beschriftung auf Tafel anbringen


Moisten the release paper with a wet sponge or cloth

Papier abziehen Kreidetafel Marketing kommt zum vorschein


Wait for approx. 20 seconds and remove the release paper gently

weißes Tafel Tattoo auf Wand aufgetragen


Let the Tafel-Tattoo air-dry. Congratulations, you have made it!

If you want to get rid of your Tafel-Tattoo, wipe it off with a sponge and warm water. The cleaningwon’t leave any traces, promise.

Give it a try! Grab the digital sponge and wipe the cocktail off the menu.

types of Tafel-Tattoos are there?

We offer classy Tafel-Tattoos in white but also multi-coloured ones. The application of the removable blackboard-tattoos stays the same. Every design can be produced with that recognisable chalk-style look. No matter if you use them on menu boards, for lotteries or as drink displays, there will be endless possibilities to promote your product.


Timeless Tafel-Tattoos in white may be tres chic when it comes to realistic chalk drawings. Whether you go for delicate patterns or bold lettering, the sharp contrast of the classy Tafel-Tattoo will unveil its magic by itself.

weißes Marketing Tafel Tattoo auf Kreidetafel


Colourful Tafel-Tattoos are without a doubt a game-changer. With their glowing colours they are going to attract immediate attention. Our wide spectrum of colours enables us to put every corporate colour onto your blackboard – the perfect companion for your next marketing move.

Farbiges Tafeltattoo Smoothies auf Kreidetafel

Our customers

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Logo Tafel Tattoo Kunde Jägermeister
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“The quick and easy use is ideal to advertise our weekly specials.”

Michael Müller, Beverage reseller

“We’ve received positive feedback only on our unique vintage-style Tafel-Tattoos.”

Katharina Struber, Wholesale drinks business


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